Business intelligence, free event in Copenhagen

The event

  • Free entrance
  • Refreshments
  • Learn BI, big data, data visualization
  • Networking

The event will take place in Symbion, near Ryparken St. and with good parking.

Date & time: March 3, 2016 | 17:00-19:00

The event is free

The event is free, but we ask you to cancel your ticket if you are hindered, since we have a limited number of seats(only 80).

This event is sponsored by the business intelligence consultancy Viteco ApS and the BI tool YellowfinB. The event is purely educational, there is no high pressure selling, you will however be able to register for a newsletter.

Sproget er engelsk da et par af deltagerne kommer fra udlandet.

Join our after hours business intelligence event in Copenhagen.

The focus of the evening is business intelligence with a touch of big data and strategy.

We start the evening with a presentation from CBS focusing on how larger organisations implement, and gain value from, big data and business intelligence. Second we have a presentation/demo of the business intelligence tool Yellowfin. With refreshments and networking in between.

This evening is for you

This evening is for you, if you are interested in business intelligence, implementation and strategy, big data, visualizations or just curious about the different business intelligence options.

Yellowfin introduction

Schedule for the night

Arrival and registration
Martin Carlsson
Conference organizer at
Introduction by Viteco
(in danish)
From Business Intelligence to Big Data:
New Value Creation Opportunities and Business Strategy
Ioanna Constantiou
Associate Professor in IT Management at CBS
With refreshments
Making BI Easy
Jean Lawson, Business Development Manager – EMEA, Yellowfin & Brett Churchill, Senior BI Consultant – EMEA, Yellowfin
Networking and questions

A few more details about the talks

From Business Intelligence to Big Data: New Value Creation Opportunities and Business Strategy by Ioanna Constantiou
The current digitization trends bring in the spotlight new business opportunities. Big data is deemed to change the business environment by enabling businesses to compete in new value creation activities. The role of BI specialists becomes more and more important for businesses. Instead of focusing on value capturing activities, big data shift the attention to the formation of a new business strategy taking advantage of the emerging digitization trends. The main challenges remain in collecting processing and visualizing the data. However, some the properties of big data, e.g., the unstructured nature and the constant updatability, make the tasks of data analysis and visualization more complicated than before. The presentation focuses on the opportunities and challenges of big data on the business strategy. The role of BI specialists is discussed in relation to how they could support the new business strategies for monetizing big data.

Yellowfin: Making BI Easy by Jean Lawson and Brett Churchill
Yellowfin was founded in response to the complexity and costs associated with implementing traditional BI tools. With over 1 million end users, discover how Yellowfin has been empowering business users by making data easy to consume and analyse.


The event is hosted at the address below.

Fruebjergvej 3
2100 København Ø


Vitego ApS
Yellowfin BI